**Figment Learn is a developer education platform about Web 3.**

As we take the next step toward our mission to help developers create the future of the Web, we want to thank everyone in the Learn community for your contributions. Those of you who have shared your knowledge with us by writing tutorials and helping others are the stewards of our collective mission. And those of you that have taken the plunge to learn something new are the inspiration that keeps us focused on building better ways to pursue that mission. This community has published more than 100 tutorials and helped thousands find their footing in web3. We’re hoping the next phase of our building efforts multiplies that 1,000x. While the Figment Learn team focuses on helping Builder DAO build a learning platform that can achieve that, we’re going to pause new tutorial submissions on Learn. However, we’ll continue to support learn.figment.io and we have plans to publish additional content there this month! Feel free to reach out to us or post here in the Learn Discord for help, feedback, or advice. We’re not going anywhere and are always happy to help. And keep those tutorial ideas fresh because the Builder DAO platform will be ready to publish and reward those efforts soon. For more on that, join the Builder DAO discord.

We create courses and aggregate community-written tutorials to help developers onboard on most Web 3 protocols. In exchange for writing those tutorials, contributors from our community are paid in the protocol tokens. Payouts range from $100 for guides & documentation to $1000 for full stack dApp tutorials.

Below is a list of topics we (together with the protocol dev teams) would like to suggest. These are just a starting point, we accept ideas outside of this list.

Please read our tutorial guidelines and browse the list of suggested topics. When you find something you'd like to write about, get in touch with us!

Topics for Tutorials









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