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This is the dashboard of current projects under development at Lander. Nothing should stay on this dashboard more than a week.*

Welcome to the Lander Project Database. It is intentionally public and searchable. Have fun perusing. Most of the database views here are meant to give you a visual sense of what we're up to at the present moment. We use this database for all meetings notes, all team chats, and, as the name indicates, tracking & developing all projects.

This database is broken down into "Projects" "Assets" "Missions" and "Archive" - similar to the PARA system, but for us it's PAMA (google PARA if you're unfamiliar). Part of the charm of using a PARA system is that it is self-organizing. So as we move through each project, just keeping track of important dates, filling out content, and moving the next steps along naturally sorts & organizes the database so things are all easy to look back on and reference.

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You can explore the views - the default view "my projects" just shows projects where you're tagged on the team page if you're logged in - please also explore the "all development & production" view of this database, as it functions essentially as company-wide Notion/Lander home page where you can see all ongoing projects across all teams at once.***

Please do not change database properties. Please also don't change sort or filter settings unless you make a new view first, as this affects all teams. In most cases, the view you need should already exist, so explore and get familiar with what exists before making new views.

Instead, use the dropdown below to select views.

If all that is another language to you please spend an hour or two on the Notion Walkthrough page linked here: https://www.notion.so/landerearth/Notion-Walkthrough-4a88e4fbddba43e6a96eb586b932318e

Use the "All Development & Production" view for a kan-ban board of active projects, use the "Missions" view to access dashboards for each Lander project & client.

Use Calendar view if you're searching for something made recently.

Use the "all" view & the search function if you're looking for something old, or just hit CMD+P while on this page to search the whole dang database, including every transcribed meeting we’ve ever had...

Don't sweat it too much if you're confused at first. Everything is easy to undo so there are no mistakes, only learning opportunities! Play around and explore!

There are two types of tags in the "content includes" property tag family you'll see in every project - There is an entire rainbow of Types of Assets like "Notes" "Ad Copy" Etc., and there are also Status of Projects tags. Types of assets are there just for reference - feel free to just use however they seem useful to you. They're mostly just there for visual appeal. Status tags, however, help us organize things on Kanban boards and keep everyone aware of who's turn it is to work on them, so to speak.

Here is a complete run-down you can revisit whenever you need a refresher of how Status Of Projects tags should be used in our Projects database:

Planning Scope Proposal Kickoff Development Production Quality Control Publishing & Queueing Promotion Archiving Finished

Planning - For things that we don't have any structure around yet that we'd like to begin putting ideas together around

Scope - For events, once they have a run of show or productions that have been submitted by clients but aren't being produced this month but are too far off to be actively in development and we don't want them on the board.

Projects move into Proposal (if external or need someone else's approval) or Kickoff (if internal and you own responsibility for them and they've already been paid for)

Proposal - This is the column for when we're assigning team members and determining if a project will be green-lit and funded.

Once a project is funded and green-lit it moves into Kickoff.

Kickoff - This is where projects sit until their dropbox folders & notion pages are completely established and filled in and teams have been invited to / tagged in both.

Once copywriting is done and the project is ready to have content made we move it into Development.

Development - While we are writing copy, shooting imagery, or developing code projects go here.

Once content acquisition is done, we move project cards into Production.

Production - The Production column is where all the assets of a project get assembled into drafts - this means video post-production, picture editing, visual design for code changes, and event promotion drafting & review happens here.

Once final drafts are made from client feedback, visual design has been finalized for code changes, and for events, all promotion posts & speaker coaching timelines are written and queued, they go into Quality Control.

Quality Control - This is where speaker coaching, picture & video edit feedback goes, it's where we send queued post & ad drafts to be reviewed before a campaign goes live and this is also where we run automated code testing suites to make sure we catch bugs before code goes live.

Once tests have been run and all stakeholders have approved the quality of our drafts we link Final assets and move projects into Publishing.

Publishing & Queueing - This is where we take copy written in previous stages, combine it with our final assets, and publish it in whatever format.

Once something has been published or is queued for Promotion, it should always move into Promotion next. Nothing should ever skip Promotion, even if it's code. Promotion is where we describe & celebrate our work publicly and to stakeholders and invite people to enjoy the fruits of our labor with us! Promotion is our primary job as a media company.

Promotion - Promotion is the full-circle moment, and it is just as important (if not more important!) as the Proposal/Kickoff, the Development, Production, and Quality sections. In Promotion we let gallery subscribers know that photos have gone live on the Gallery and been tagged. We email pictures of VIPs to them to give them special moments. We shout about our work on social media and tag & shout each other out, and generally celebrate a job well done!

Promotion is ALSO where something goes when we're closing out the comments on a project and linking all of the final published assets.

Only once all final live assets are linked on the notion page and all comments are resolved do we move something into Archiving.

Archiving - This is where we move Dropbox files out of our main working folders, and into secure long-term "archive" subfolder, being careful not to break links or accidentally rename things as we do. We double-check that all comments are resolved. We double-check that all stakeholders featured in the published content have been notified about it and have shared it where appropriate. Once all these aspects are complete we move it into Finished.

Finished is where you can find all of our completed projects.

Again, nothing should stay on the dashboard more than a week. If you've worked on an item, set yourself a reminder to move the next steps ahead before you finish working. If you see something sit more than 6 hours, please bring attention to it and work on it yourself to move it ahead! By working together we keep this dashboard alive and moving!

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