You don't need to be the most experienced rider you know to lead a ride. If you're enthusiastic to start something then you're already on your way to becoming a School of Rocks ride leader.

What you need to lead a ride:

✅ Enthusiasm

✅ Some confidence in leading a group (this doesn't have to all come from you, team up with someone else to lead together)

✅ A route & a way of navigating

✅ Some people to come on your ride (more below)

✅ For groups larger than 6 consider having a second ride leader

Pre-ride prep & tasks you need to think about:

📝 Publicise your ride (we will help you)

📝 Planning and/or sharing the route

📝 Be a point of contact before the ride for questions

📝 Managing the signup spreadsheet

📝 Familiarising yourself with the route

📝 Decide how you will navigate: GPS, maps, local knowledge, or a combination of all of these?

What to do at the start of a ride

👋🏽 Introduce yourself and ask others to introduce themselves