How could I create an immersive concert experience for my Noctiluca Scintillans?

As my Noctiluca normally lives in the endless deep sea, but now suddenly has to live in this small bottle in my student room, I want to organize an immersive concert for my new friends to let them enhance from their everyday life in the bottle. Working towards this concert we'll experiment together with vibration, light and sound to create an unforgettable night. I say night since this is the time they are awake. during the day I leave them alone and let them recharge for our next experiment.

When the sun goes down, my friends wake up and are able to lighten up when I bring them in vibration. This is why the space where the concerts will take place, should be dark. Besides that, the concerts can only take place when the sun went down. So in december (?) it will be a concert after 16:30.

I, as a human being, will organize and host a concert, but at the end it will be a concert from the Noctiluca to the Noctiluca.

In the middle you see a stage aquarium with the Nuctiluca performers in it. They will vibrate on the waves created by a motor. This vibration will be recorded by the hydrophone, which will send this sound to the mixer

The live sound out of the stage aquarium will be mixed with recorded sounds out of the north-sea as background sound, to give the audience a nostalgic feeling of their natural habitat.

The composition of these sounds together will be the sound of the concert that comes out of 4 speakers, that are placed around the aquarium stage. This creates an immersive sound system.

Since the audience is placed on the speakers, they will feel the sound waves and vibration of the composition. They will dance on the sounds and by moving around they light up. In that way they give a positive feedback to the performers.

The concert will constantly be about feedback. The audience receives an audio visual performance from the aquarium stage. They can experience it as an immersive concert because of the immersive sound and vibration system. The performers constantly receive the blue light of the audience, which could be seen as the positive energy in the crowd.

At one point the concert ends, the performers have to freshen up for the next one, and the audience will leave the hall with a unique experience, which they wish they could share with their friend in the sea. Their advantage of living in the human world.