👋 Welcome! In this article, we will walk you through integrating your Zoom account with Offsyte.

Offsyte is an online marketplace for amazing team outing events. Our Zoom integration allows you to easily connect your Zoom account to Offsyte to automatically create Zoom meetings when customers book your virtual team outing offerings.


You need to be an approved vendor on Offsyte in order to access this dashboard. Get started by visiting www.offsyte.co.

  1. Visit Vendor Dashboard > Video Settings
  2. Click "Connect With Zoom"
  3. Select "Authorize" on the Zoom page to authorize access to Offsyte
  4. Tada! Now on the Video Settings page, you should see "Zoom Account Linked"

That's it! Now all of your future virtual bookings will automatically have a Zoom meeting link attached.


If you have any trouble with installation, you can reach out to us at vendors@offsyte.co.


Once you finish the installation, Zoom meetings will be automatically created for all your future bookings. You can view them at Vendor Dashboard > Upcoming Bookings. Similarly, your customers can also view the Zoom meeting link at My Account > Upcoming Bookings.

Managing Meetings

Your vendor account will be linked to only one Zoom account. This may be sufficient - if you have one Zoom user facilitating your events then you will be able to manage all of the meetings through that Zoom account.

However, if you are a vendor that has multiple event facilitators, you will need to give "Alternative Host" privileges to the assigned facilitator so that they can start the Zoom meeting from their account.