Submitting a video testimonial does not require an app download, account sign up - all you need is an invitation link and you can submit a video from (almost) any device with a camera and microphone.

Once you're on the submission page with a valid invite code, you'll be prompted to choose to upload a video you've saved on your device or to record a video through Vestimonials' browser-based recorder.

Uploading from your device

If you choose to upload a video from your device (handy if you want to do a little post-production on your testimonial), after clicking upload, click the Attach a video file button to open your device's file browser and choose the video file you want to upload and then upload the attached video.

If the file meets the requirements, we'll process it and put you onto the review screen to finish up your submission

Recording a video

If you choose to record a video through your browser, after clicking Record a video, click the Record icon on the next screen and then give Vestimonials permission to access your camera and microphone.

Click allow on the browser permission dialog that opens to confirm permission.

If you don't allow access on this dialog, we'll display an error message since we can't record a video without access to your camera and microphone!

If you are using a browser that our recorder does not support, you may receive an error message during this process. If this happens, please record a video on your device and follow the steps above to Upload a video instead, or try a supported browser.

Review and submit

Whichever path you take, we'll process your video (this can take a few minutes if you upload a file instead of recording through your browser) and then give you the chance to review and trim the video (if you need to get rid of the awkward few seconds at the end when you're searching for the stop button). Finally, depending on the page, you may need to answer a few additional questions about yourself before you can submit the video.