Bento provides a suite of everboarding components that you can add to your application, no engineering required. However to allow us to do so, an engineer must add a single Bento snippet to your application.

The purpose of this doc is to give you high-level orientation around the installation process. If you’re finding this taking longer than 30 min, please reach out and we’d be happy to live pair or answer any questions.

Ready? Let's go! 🚀

1. Installation (~15 min eng)

Updating session data (when attributes change or users change)

// This should ONLY be done if the user or account changes (i.e. on an account or user switcher)
window.bentoSettings = ... // Same structure as previous step.
window.Bento && window.Bento.initialize();

<aside> ✨ Your unique appid can be found in Org Settings > Integrations (link)


2. Decide how Bento shows up in-app (no eng)

Bento will automatically add the sidebar to your app, which will appear only to users who have a guide launched to them.

Additionally, we recommend placing the “inline” guide onto your dashboard or empty state. This can be done with our no-code editor.

3. Passing Bento relevant data for targeting and auto-completion