Where can I find the Academy?

Go here! https://superpeer.com/serialmarketers

What is the Serial Marketers Academy?

It’s a way for members to share their knowledge through 1:1 meetings, recorded events, courses, and live programming.

Can members charge for it?

Yes, and please do.

What can members charge?

Whatever you want. More or less. There might be some limits on the platform.

Do we have to charge?

No, you can give away time and content to attract leads, but you’re encouraged to value your time and expertise for what it’s worth.

What is Superpeer?

It’s the platform we use to host the academy. We evaluated and tested a dozen or so options and found Superpeer to be the best in terms of flexibility, features, design, and other factors. And the low upfront costs mean that we can give members the best rates.

What are Superpeer best practices?

Funny you should ask. Here’s the Superpeer Success Guide that will get you started.

Superpeer Success Guide.pdf

What are the rates?

Premium Members keep 95% of all earnings booked through Serial Marketers. Other community members keep 85%. These all cover administrative fees for the community. And there are no up-front costs for any member.