The comparison tool allows you to compare two curves on the same graph. It is used for classical purposes such as :

The comparison tool is very simple to use.

Step 1: select the raw materials or references you wish to compare

Step 2: define the currency and the volume unit in which you want the references to be compared

Step 3: validate and obtain a graph

Step 4 (optional): if the two prices you are comparing are expressed in the same currency and the same unit, you have the possibility to display them on a single scale, for a comparison in absolute value (and not relative)

You want to compare not only series, but also the different years of the same series?

Discover the “yearly variations" view, or the abyss of seasonal effects!

By default, CommoPrices displays the data on the graphs in "linear variation" format; that is, the data is represented graphically using a single curve, with the time as the abscissa and the unit of the series as the ordinate.

However, you can switch to the "annual variations" view by clicking on the button of the same name at the bottom right of a graph. You will then obtain on the same scale all the curves representing the years of data available.


<aside> 💡 This makes it possible to highlight annual seasonal effects, to more easily identify extra-ordinary years, or to track the volatility of materials over the years.


Try the comparison tool