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SHAKS S2/S3/S5 supporting four (4) modes, Android / Windows / iOS, and Mapping, each mode of which is recognized as an individual device by its corresponding host game device. For example, when SHAKS is in android mode, it will connect to your android smartphone/tablet, it works like an “android Gamepad”. But, if you connect it to a windows PC, it does not work correctly (for example, haptic no function), because SHAKS says “I am in android mode”, but the PC can’t hear it, although its Bluetooth connection is made.

First, please note that the gamepad can be paired to one device with an exactly matched mode. It is auto re-pair to the same device once paired, but If you wish to switch from one device to another, please delete previously log data from your device to de-activate its automatic repairing feature, do the pairing process again.

Compatible Device & Service

Button layout & Status indication by LED

Tips) S3 mode is initialized by booting. On power off status, the mode change is not validated. Once you change mode, please reboot it by power off and on again.

Connect your device to the controller

Reset & Initializing to recover setup process

If any issue during setup, please reset the gamepad and your device as below.

  1. Press ‘S5: Pairing Button, S2/S3 Select+Start’ for 6 seconds longer to delete the stored BT profiles
  2. On your device’s Bluetooth setting, delete all paired profiles regarding the gamepad completely to disable the auto-searching trial.
  3. Booting your device again to confirm all cached log deleted or waiting for a while (3 seconds, automatically deleting process)
  4. And repeat normal 3 step connection. 99.9% will be a success !!


How to use Virtual Touch (Mapping) Feature

Enjoy the various AAA touch-only games by SHAKS, name a few Genshin Impact, Roblox, Battleground, League of Legends Wild Rift, Lineage M, Call of Duty, etc.

  1. Firstly, from Google Play, download SHAKS GameHub App.

  2. Pair your gamepad in Touch mode, refer above “Playing on Mapping mode”

  3. Go to GameHub App and make sure the pad is connected properly

  4. At the bottom of the SHAKS App, click Mapping Service > Add New Game > Click the game you want to play

  5. After following the guide on the screen and Mapping Service Manual or look the tutorial video

    SHAKS Mapping Service Manual (V2.x**)**

GameHub Application

While you do not need to install the app on your mobile phone to use the gamepad, we highly recommend it so you can benefit from the following features from the mobile app.

Tips) Useful features in our Gamehub app

How to find compatible game information

SHAKS is actively testing, verifying the compatibility with each game in each OS, device. Please visit our compatible game list for searching relative information. Or install our Android GameHub app. Here is an example of tips you can find there ;