Mission → To Create Decentralized Humans and Communities

The Better Human Thesis → Opt-out → Rebuild → Flourish

Our goal is to help create self-reliant humans that replace the modern, broken way of doing things by returning to smaller, decentralized and sovereign ways of living that stop supporting the corrupt and profit-driven machinations of Big Brother, Big Pharma, Big Medical, or Big Food.

You can and should opt-out of the system and build a better way of life—one that is self-reliant and completely free to pursue your individual pursuit of self-actualization, sovereignty, and abundance.

Our goal is to help you escape the Matrix that profits off your lack of flourishing so you can take your health, mind, finances, and life into your own hands.

Then we hope you'll use your newly created prosperity to show others how to do the same.

<aside> 💡 That’s what Better Human is all about → Building Better Humans and Communities to attract the rest of humanity by showing them a Better Way.


#1 → Stop using their food, drugs, news, politics, money, and ways of thinking

#2 → Start doing things the better way

#3 → Once you've completely removed yourself, you can participate in the society as little or as much as you want

We Promote

The Problem → A mismatch of human biology that society profits from

They monetize the status quo because that's how they keep their power → So they use propaganda, half-truths, fiat dollars to manipulate narrative and hide the truth—that society is sick.

This results in sickness and misery for the masses, and no culpability to those that cause and perpetuate the lies.