Jupitrr is a creators' tool that turns voice recordings into shareable videos.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Most creatives start off generating content part-time. Time has always been their biggest roadblock. Long-form channels like Youtube, podcasts, and newsletter are already a time-sink, and promoting them on social media is a time consuming endeavor.

We want to help creators shorten creation time, especially for social media content.

How can Jupitrr help?

We wanted to find the easiest format to produce content and we decided upon speaking — the most natural way humans communicate. Just like sending a voice note to your friends on WhatsApp, it's fast, it's intuitive, it explains your complicated thoughts.

Jupitrr wants to promote the fast and easy creating experience by making voice recordings shareable on social media.

Who is it for? Is it Podcasters only?

It's built for all kinds of creators who find creating content time-consuming. Although podcasters are more native with audio, we believe every creators can enjoy the benefits of creating videos from voice recordings. And also it's quite fun!

What are we planning on doing in the future?

Right now we're focusing on Jupitrr as a tool — we will keep improving the user experience of making shareable videos by adding more beautiful templates, speed up the rendering speed, implement audio trimming, and much more! We would also love to continue our mission to promote bite-sized audio — as it's the easiest way to create.

We hope to build Jupitrr as a platform that everyone can enjoy different bite-sized audios.

How do we make money?

Jupitrr is a 100% free tool now as we believe it's a friendlier way for different creators to play and try it out. As we aim to become the platform for bite-sized audio, in the future we would try and gain revenue by helping creators promote, monetise, advertise, and collaborate with brands.