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What is littlelike.me?

littlelike.me is a new Social People Sim game for mobile. You can create a character that's a little like yourself, Dress Up with lots of clothing and outfit options, Decorate different apartments that you unlock, and Go Out and socialize with characters created by other players.

When is the game coming out?

A release date has not been set. We'll have a better idea after getting your feedback from Early Access playtests.

What does "Early Access" mean?

You can get Early Access to play a version of the game that is still in development. Many features and other elements of the game are not complete, and you'll likely run across some bugs. This is your chance to help us shape the future of the game!

Sign up here to join an Early Access test: https://www.littlelike.me/earlyaccess/signup

We'll let you know when it's your turn to play.

How many people can play in the Early Access playtest?

At first, we are limiting the Early Access playtests to just a few people at a time. We will gradually increase this number as time goes on.

How long is the Early Access playtest?

We will run several Early Access playtests. Each of the first playtests will last just a few days. You can see when the test "expires" by tapping on the Settings menu icon in the game. Note that we might expire the test earlier if necessary.

What happens to my gameplay progress and account when the playtest ends?

All player progress is deleted after the end of each test. This may also include your littlelike.me account. Don't worry, you can create a new one later if needed.

If you join multiple playtests, you'll need to start the game from the beginning each time.

How do I give feedback on the game?

After you have finished your playtest, be sure to fill out the **Playtest Feedback** survey here: https://www.littlelike.me/earlyaccess/survey