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<aside> 💡 See Managing reservations and reservable resources in IBM Documentation, Reserve in this wiki, and the 3.6.1 / 10.6.1 Room Search Add-in for Outlook video for more information.


<aside> 💡 See the IBM TRIRIGA Release Notes for important information and known limitations. As of April 21, 2020, Office 365 is now renamed Microsoft 365.


<aside> 💡 To download a PDF copy of this TRIRIGAFEEDIA 10.6.1 UX Room Search Add-in for Outlook, click the attachment below.



What is the Room Search Add-in for Outlook?

Similar to our UX Room Reservation app, our Room Search add-in for Microsoft Outlook is a user-friendly Perceptive app. But this app is displayed within the Outlook application as a side-panel interface. By using this Perceptive application on your laptop or desktop, you can easily search for rooms, add one or more rooms to your meeting invitation, and move on to the next invitation.

You can install the add-in in two ways: (1) Install it as an Outlook user, or (2) Deploy it as an Exchange administrator.

Install the Add-in as an Outlook User

Install the Add-in as an Outlook User > Add from URL