I enjoy designing intuitive, accessible and meaningful solutions that improve people's lives**.** Seeking a product design role with a diverse, inclusive and high-energy team.

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Work Experience 👩‍🍳 + 👩‍🏫 → 👩‍💻

UX Designer - Snapper Services Limited

Nov 2021 - Present | Wellington, New Zealand

Currently working on redesigning the account website of Snapper card, and a data analysis tool within Snapper’s ecosystem. My responsibilities involve user research and analysis, wireframing, prototyping and user testing. I collaborate efficiently with team members and communicate well with stakeholders.

Product Designer - Mevo

Mar - June 2021 | Wellington, New Zealand

Worked with a team of four UX design students to create an onboarding process that educates users to operate the Mevo vehicle fleet with confidence. I was responsible for user research and testing, data analysing, workshop facilitating, information design and product design.

Café Supervisor | Digital Designer - Crocshake

Mar - Aug 2021 | Wellington, New Zealand

Improved digital content for the company's website, also worked on logo, label, and menu design. Managed a team of three on Fridays and weekends and I was in charge of the daily operation and production of the café.

Pastry Chef - Hippopotamus Restaurant & La Cloche Café & Grace Patisserie

Nov 2015 - Jun 2020 | Wellington, New Zealand

Responsible for decision-making and helping team members. Designing innovative desserts that reflect the trend of customer’s tastes, considering seasonality of ingredients and practicality. Support the team and provide high-standard service to increase customer satisfaction.

<aside> 🏆 WOAP Award: 2019 Best Festival Dish, 2016 Festival Burger Finalist


Teacher - Xingcheng Middle School & Jinli Primary School

Sep 2011 - Jan 2012, Jan 2013 - Jul 2014 | Changsha, China

Attended to the individual needs of every student by planning study sessions and creating learning materials, arranging class activities and interacting with students with empathy. Successfully engaged students' interest, increased students' level of understanding by making materials simple to digest and built a good relationship with students by helping them overcome challenges.