The goal of this document is to ensure 1-on-1s are productive and contribute to the growth of each and every individual. They should cover strategic, tactical, and personal goals.

Report Items


Big picture discussions about where are we headed, why are we prioritizing X over Y, etc. Should be 25-50% of 1:1 time.


Nuts and bolts discussions about execution, status, etc. Should be less than 25% of 1:1 time.


Career development, coaching, feedback, and anything going on outside work. Should be 25-50% of 1:1 time.

Manager Items


Direct notes on what went wrong and right in the week prior. Feedback in either direction should try to be substantive and clear. Examples are important, but unpacking the explanation is everything.

Next Steps

Parking Lot

Here's where we can move agenda items we've decided not to discuss in the 1:1 that we should get to at some point.

Action Items

These are decisions that were made in this meeting that we need to move forward with and have complete by the next meeting.