This is an opportunity to join a fast-growing company to help enable the future of travel. We're building a noise and automation platform used by thousands of Airbnb hosts and property managers around the world.

Location: Malmö, Sweden preferred.

About Minut

Minut makes a sensor and platform for Airbnb hosts and property managers of all sizes to monitor and automate their short-term rental business.

Airbnb has enabled millions of travelers to experience the world like locals. Unfortunately, they don’t always behave like locals. Parties, noise, and crowding cause conflicts in communities, damage to properties, and fines or even lost rental permits for hosts. Minut detects and solves 94% of these issues while respecting the privacy of guests. We’re the clear market leader and the only noise-monitoring solution recommended by Airbnb.

Hosts get peace of mind, neighbors quiet, and guests can enjoy their stay in privacy.

The role

As a backend engineer, you will be part of an autonomous team of engineers responsible for everything from development and testing to architecture and operations.

We automate the tedious tasks so that we can spend time on what matters most, building features that help our customers. You will be working with other engineers, building everything from the physical product to the machine learning models in the cloud and the apps facing the customers.

You’re both encouraged and expected to take initiative and solve problems.

Who you are