<aside> 💡 This information was last updated on 20 June 2021


<aside> ⛔ This Roadmap is based on internal information of Projectium team and shared only with Projectium partners. This information should not be disclosed to 3rd parties and serves only for the purpose of internal discussion.


The Roadmap below only contains information about User-end features, it does not reflect the real product state, but only a rough estimation and team plans at the moment of last page update. In reality there is also major bugfix and refactoring work being done after each release that can impact feature delivery and release dates.

Please note that internal Product roadmap is far more complete and is updated on a bi-weekly basis by Projectium product team.

We are aiming to update this Roadmap at least once per month or on demand. We are also starting to use Timeline feature for delivering information about upcoming product updates and company events, you can follow us on our official Project page:

Projectium.Network | Projectium

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