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Mental Frameworks

As your library grows, you can add more of your favourite tags here to quickly access them from anywhere, anytime.

<aside> 💡 Sometimes it's easy to forget the lessons of books we've read a while ago.

Check in here from time to time to re-discover the insights you had and what you set out to do.



It's been a while...

<aside> ⌛ Here are the books you haven't looked at in a month. See whether something speaks to you to revisit it or simply check or uncheck the Tickler checkbox to push the book back into the queue.


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<aside> 🔀 Once your library grows, it's hard to keep track of everything you've read. Here's to a bit of serendipity. This table will randomly show 10 books, whether read or not as well as 10 notes each time you open this page.


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<aside> 📅 Check back in on the books you've recently finished or worked with.


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