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Entrepreneurship for everyone

The Lavin Innovation Studio is an accelerated one-week startup development bootcamp created by students at the University of Washington's Lavin Entrepreneurship Program. Through the process of designing a viable product, students of all experience levels will gain design thinking, entrepreneurial leadership, and business presentation skills – while networking with leaders in Seattle’s startup community.

Create a company, grow your future

In the Lavin Innovation Studio, you will tackle design thinking challenges, learn about the company development and iteration process, and engage with startup leaders. The Studio combines the entrepreneurial challenge of a business plan competition with the product creativity of a hackathon – an opportunity accessible to students from all majors and levels of experience. With your busy schedule in mind, the program is spread out over a week and includes only a few hours of required programming to maximize your flexibility. Start by forming a three-person team. No team? No problem: register as an individual, and we will match you with team members who have complementary skills – you might even meet your future co-founder!

Next, gain product, market intelligence, and company development skills through expert workshops with leaders from venture capital firms like Pioneer Square Labs, cutting-edge startups like Unscrambl, and distinguished faculty like Foster’s Emer Dooley. With this entrepreneurial toolkit, you will then have one week to design and present a basic business idea and prototype (no technical proficiency required). Top projects will have the opportunity to pitch before a distinguished judging panel, and all participants can network with startups at our mini-career fair. At the end of the program, you’ll walk away with a startup idea to build on – but more importantly, the skills to launch or continue along your entrepreneurial journey.

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What will you be creating?

Depending on your interests, you'll be able to build and contribute to different parts of your startup. You might choose to work on a business plan, marketing materials, minimum viable product (such as app designs, website prototype, etc.), and more. All team members will also prepare a pitch deck for a final presentation that will be judged alongside the materials you each developed for your team's startup.

If you end up creating a startup or meeting co-founders you'd be interested in pursuing after this studio, then you've already created a baseline to launch right into a new entrepreneurial venture.

What is the final pitch and what are your startup creations for?

If you end up creating a startup or meeting co-founders you'd be interested in pursuing after this studio, then you've already created a baseline to launch right into a new entrepreneurial venture.

For the studio, teams have the chance at the end to give a final pitch that will be judged alongside the materials they submit for their startup.

What events can you attend?

Highly experienced speakers, focused workshops, social events, and more! Please note that is this a virtual event.

We are featuring a variety of different speakers, including current and past entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are currently or have been part of successful ventures, while other entrepreneurs are UW alumni or current UW students engaged in entrepreneurship across campus and throughout Washington and beyond.

We'll also offer workshops that will help you kick-start different parts of the startup you are developing. Although all events are highly encouraged, you can choose what events will help you the most to develop as an entrepreneur and when developing a pitch deck and related materials needed for your startup!

Where can I see more about the events that will be offered?

Work in progress. See more information in our event handbook.

Any other questions?

See our FAQ or email us at!