<aside> 💡 Be sure to read this post in its entirety to familiarize yourself with our community guidelines. For all violations, there is only one punishment - a ban.


List of Rules:

  1. Communication is allowed only in English.
  2. Advertising and spam in any form is prohibited.
  3. It is forbidden to insult each other (including the Administration and Moderators). Personal quarrels and showdowns are prohibited. Do this in private messages.
  4. It is forbidden to share information from chat / bot outside Platform. You can discuss inside the chat. If detected, blocking in chat + on all our and partner projects without the possibility of recovery.
  5. Talks on the following topics are prohibited: Politics, Religion, Weapons, Drugs, Carding.
  6. It is forbidden to offer personal training to anything, as well as earning schemes to other participants. If detected, it will be blocked. If you have something to offer, contact the Administrator for a discussion. If you are faced with someone offering you to buy something of dubious content, immediately inform any of the Administrators in Private Messages.
  7. It is forbidden to link to sites with pirated content.
  8. It is forbidden to complain about the terms of the provision of services, only if they did not go beyond the stated ones.
  9. It is forbidden to complain about the cost of services, at the moment we provide some of the cheapest prices on the market.
  10. The rules will be supplemented. Behave appropriately and without aggression.