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<aside> 🥰 enable sellers to stand out, grow, and become your favorite store


<aside> 📈 increase the GMV and liquidity of eCommerce


👋 What is Blend?

<aside> 💡 TL;DR: building a mobile 1st eCommerce as a service for sellers to stand out 🌸 and sell more online 🔥


Just upload your product photo and Blend

Choose from the options, personalise and share! No hours wasted on editing and other jing-jang.

Blend is a mobile 1st AI-driven graphic design and marketing app for entrepreneurs that removes decision-making to create professional-grade product visuals, social graphics, and product descriptions.

Entrepreneurs can now create product marketing material in a few seconds to stand out and sell better online. Instead of manipulating pixels, users edit objects. Deep learning models ensure the translation of pixels into objects for contextual edits and generate better copies for product descriptions.

🚀 Where are we?

<aside> 💡 TL;DR: building fast, to grow fast


Created by Vishwanath Kollapudi, Jamsheed Kamardeen and Vaibhav Prakash. The team is well funded and advised by marquee investors/founders from Sequoia, 3one4, Blume, PointOne, Jupiter, Pine labs, Locus.sh, LivSpace, Whatfix, Fynd and Ultrahuman.