In order to use the LTI integration, you need Wooclap access keys. You can request them via this form.

If you want to install the plugin on multiple instances of your LMS (e.g. staging server and production server), each instance must have its one set of keys to avoid any unintended behaviour.

1 Introduction

Wooclap integrates with your LMS via LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability). The version used is 1.2.

The integration is added to the teacher’s list of available tools. It allows them to create a Wooclap event, along with all of its features, from within your LMS.

Students who participate are identified through LMS’s authentication (they will automatically be redirected to your LMS’s authentication page once they connect to the Wooclap link). Therefore, they do not need to create a Wooclap account.

Once the event is completed, a score for each student will be sent to your LMS.

1.1 Data exchanged with Wooclap

The LTI integration sends the following information to Wooclap:

2 Blackboard Learn

2.1 Installation

The Blackboard documentation contains a section about configuring LTI tools.

This video also shows how to configure an LTI tool in Blackboard Learn.

Note that the configuration might be slightly different depending on the version of Blackboard used.

2.1.1 Adding Wooclap as an LTI Tool Provider