Hi! 👋

And welcome on board of the Midas.Investments community 😊

My name is Anya, I’m Midas Community manager and I’m here to help you navigate through our Discord and get as much value as possible. Here are some next steps for getting started:

1️⃣ Where is all the action? Head over to #general-chat, our all-members channel, and introduce yourself. Tell the community how you found out about Midas.Investments, what are your goals and what is your strategy. You can ask any questions regarding crypto or Midas.Investments in the channel. Our community is very quick to help and share their knowledge.

2️⃣ Want to learn more about Financial Independence and getting passive income from crypto? Go to the #earn-save-invest channel and say Hi to Carlos - our inner community leader. He’s there to show you how to achieve your financial goals and stop worrying about money.

3️⃣ What's the easiest way to get involved? Join our #coffee-chat channel and talk about whatever. This is the channel where you can get to know our members outside of crypto topics + usually I post there funny memes and inspirational quotes to set you up for crypto wealth.

If you have any questions, ideas or requests you can simply respond to this message.

See you in the Midas.Investments community! 🙌

Anya Community Manager Midas.Investments