Check-in 5-10mins:

  1. Check-in

  2. To-Do (15 mins)


CONTENT CALENDAR 2022 | Timeline (notion.site)

Anything we’re missing that we need to amplify on social media Topic of the week, community round table, every Monday summarize conversations held during the AMA session. Discord rollup

Posting The Eagle on Friday Posting Discord roll up on a Sat → Ayo will post a link to it

  1. Refocus efforts towards both community and Devs and Builders. Need to continue communicating with community but focusing more efforts on Dev and Builder focused initiatives. How (ideas - 20-30mins):

    1. Contest ideas

      1. Builders build a DAO → Short thread on a developer’s DAO journey
      2. Dev’s thread: to suggest best tools for DAO functioning and why
      3. Dev’s to create a DAO specific code
        1. could be used for HR purposes to ID potential Aragon Devs
        2. DGov - Gamify governance
      4. Non Dev meme contest - “so basically you’re a group of people that share a treasury and you vote to make decisions for the fund and if you don’t vote you…” — dao tldr explainer as caption (see Lia Meme on Agora page)

      b. Content ideas

      1. Devs views of DAOs- Whats the code like, what are the processes like, common issues, etc.
      2. Wikipedia page - uniswap only web3 with page (dTech Bounty?)
      3. Aragon Member/DAO builder on Aragon stack highlight: How did they get started into their DAO journey
      4. Expectations vs reality of building a DAO thread / meme / blog
      5. What a DAO builder does and what their family members think they do
      6. Video of how-to Guide for Devs - Getting started, first steps
    2. Comms with followers asking questions re DAO set-up or operations, how can we engage with them?

    Plan on reviewing these ideas with AA, refine the best ones and add them to our Product Back Log for us to start working on