Image from Pixabay.

Image from Pixabay.

Word count: 424

Originally written for Inktober 2018.

  I push myself forward, watching the waves crash against the shore from my safe, dry spot on the pier. Edging closer to the end of the docks, I peer over as far as I can without tumbling in. Fish of all shapes and sizes float and swim across the beautiful blue ocean, and I squint to make out some of the bigger fish in the water. The water splashes up toward me, and some droplets spray against my face. I start giggling, reveling in the feel of the cold ocean kissing my cheek.

  Times like this remind me of the unending beauty and mystery of the water. Every once in a while, I can pretend everything is okay — like before the accident. I glance down at my legs, sighing. But reality likes to remind me that there’s nothing I can do to fix this.

  “Eleonor! There you are!” a high-pitched voice calls out from behind me. 

  I don’t even have to turn around to know who that is. 

  Reality also likes to remind me that, even when life sucks, at least it sucks when I have precious people by my side.

  I hear her sprinting across the creaky wooden boards, and she’s out of breath by the time she comes up behind me. “Babe, I love that you’re adventurous and all, but quit giving me a heart attack!” She grips the handles of my wheelchair and pulls me away from the water’s edge, turning me around to face the beach.

  “Oh, c’mon, Rin-rin,” I sigh, reaching up in an attempt to pat her cheek. I end up just hitting her shoulder and getting my fingers tangled in her long brown-streaked blonde hair. “You know I’m not doing it intentionally.”

  Mirrin laughs. “It wouldn’t’ve killed you to wait for a *few* minutes! I told you I was going to do a couple of things before we hit the beach, silly.”

  “I know, but I wanted to see the *whaaaaales*.”

  “You *always* want to see the whales.” She starts laughing again, and I join in, enraptured by her infectious laughter. “God. One of these days, I’ll bring you to one of those nice aquariums in Switzerland that my auntie used to drag me to when I was a kid. How’s that sound?”

  I smile, then look up at her pretty blue eyes. They’re like the ocean — a deep cobalt blue. I could get lost in them for days on end. 

  “Anywhere is perfect when it’s with you.”

  “...And with whales.”

  “And with whales, yes.”