Mangopay keeps all company knowledge in Notion, increasing employee engagement

Mangopay provides a robust and flexible technology infrastructure for platforms and marketplaces to easily create and manage the end-to-end payment process. When they decided to consolidate their project management tool and team workspace platform with Notion, they aimed to create a more transparent, collaborative culture where knowledge sharing was user-friendly.

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Kiro Maheswaran

Head of Workplace Technology

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Simplifying knowledge management and making information accessible

When Mangopay first looked for an alternative to replace Confluence and Asana, they were attracted to the connected workspace Notion offered: the ability to handle knowledge management and project management on one platform. Ultimately, it was the timeline view and the Kanban board that sold them.

The team at Mangopay wanted to create a single source of truth for Mangopay’s internal knowledge and make it accessible and easy to navigate. Full transparency was a must. Employees wanted to have a place to find knowledge, so the number of questions different departments handled was reduced, giving them more time to focus on other things.

As Mangopay made Notion the central source of information, they noted it significantly cut the time it took Mangopay’s HR to answer questions. The HR team was able to fully eliminate a Slack channel that was designated to answering HR questions since the answers could now be found in Wikis.

Mangopay created a single source of truth for their internal knowledge bank.
Opening the door and being able to be a member of any team that you want has opened up transparency. There’s no need to email notes or schedule a call — you can see what happened because everything has been documented.
Kiro Maheswaran
Kiro Maheswaran
Head of Workplace Technology

Creating a collaborative writing culture throughout the entire organization

As a scaleup, Mangopay moves fast. There are meetings and ideas flowing constantly, but the company needed a space to record this. Mangopay’s aim was to create a collaborative writing culture with robust documentation. That way, knowledge remained with the company, even with personnel changes. This meant tearing down departmental silos and increasing visibility throughout the company by writing down institutional knowledge.

Mangopay took a pedagogical approach to organizing Mangopay’s knowledge bank. It was about having all the answers available to employees as well as each team having their own pages. Every department has roadmaps, databases, and Wikis, giving employees access to everything they need to do their job.

The knowledge-gathering process was collaborative. Teams all worked together in Notion to document and organize vital information across the organization — which led to higher employee engagement rates. An average of 64% of Mangopay’s 500 employees contribute as editors, with 91% active in Notion on a monthly basis.

Each Mangopay team has a home page with essential information that makes it easier for employees to do their job and be more productive.

Tracking compliance needs to keep everyone up to date

The fintech industry has extensive regulation. Compliance training is common and mandatory. Mangopay created a database of all of the annual required training, which employees can filter by team to find which training they must attend and when.

Each training has its own Notion page, which contains an explanation sheet and links to directly open the course. Employees can see how long each course is and when they must complete it. While there is a main page, teams can set up a link within their Wiki to show all their specific trainings for the current year.

checklist illustration
Mangopay centralizes mandatory trainings and makes it easy to filter trainings required for each team.
There are mandatory trainings that everybody in the company needs to complete. In the past, this process has been cumbersome and difficult to manage. With Notion, we’ve been able to streamline the process — making it much clearer for employees to understand their requirements.
Kiro Maheswaran
Kiro Maheswaran
Head of Workplace Technology

Fostering an environment where everyone is engaged and contributing

High employee engagement reduces turnover, builds better relationships within and outside the organization, and increases productivity. Mangopay uses Notion to foster engagement, creating a strong and inviting culture.

Employees are empowered to contribute to knowledge, create pages, and share everything in Notion. It’s more than wikis and project management — Mangopay uses Notion as their company newsletter, citing notably higher reading and contribution rates. Maheswaran said, “Everyone is free to edit content and add whatever they want.”

The company as a whole has 86% active weekly users, 93% monthly active users, and an impressive 96% quarterly active users. This engagement leads to better shared learnings across the entire company.

The press page is accessible to employees and the PR agencies Mangopay works with.

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