What is the CTW Advisory Program?

CTW is so excited to announce our latest Utility for holders, the CTW Advisory Program! "Empower" is one of CTW's 5 Pillars and through this utility we hope to EMPOWER our community of builders and help share a spotlight on the web3 builders creating amazing things!

1 Holder will be selected each month to receive mentorship from the Team, platform and reach.

We receive dozens of daily requests from projects hoping to collaborate and to get 1:1 time with our founder for advice on their idea or project. We believe in more meaningful relationships and providing as much value to our holders. While we’d love to help promote as many projects that come across our desk, we decided to launch this special advisory program for our holders to feel more supported and EMPOWERED!

How does the CTW Advisory Program work?

After applying to the program, CTW Team will review applications. One Web3 community builder will be selected every month in Q3 (July, August, September) and may receive from CTW:

And more!

Who can apply to the CTW Advisory Program?

We want to work with teams that are committed to launching, have already started building their community and have the first iteration of their roadmap. We are looking for team & projects who are anywhere from 1 to 3 months pre-mint. We also want to work with teams who have already done the above, have launched and need help with their post-mint strategy, therefore, if you have a project that has minted within the last 60 days you can also apply for this amazing opportunity. Note that for this program we don’t focus on follower count but rather all other components that are found in the application.

How can I apply to be part of the CTW Advisory program?