what is crowdfarming.com?

Crowd FarmingΒ is an online farmers market that aims to bring farmers and consumers together, shortening the food supply chain and have a positive social impact.

Team Aylin Erzu Me

Tools Figma Photoshop

Timeline Nov.-Dec. 2020 8 Weeks

πŸ’­ Context

CrowdFarming is an amazing initiative that aims to bring the producers and the consumers together while simplifying the food supply chain. They aim to attract more users to their website.

😣 The problem

Crowd Farming aims to website to attract more farmers and consumers to their website, in order to have an active market place. However, their homepage and navigation is disorganized and unclear, leading to low retention rates and poor overall user satisfaction.

⚑ The Solution

Strategizing an effecting redesign of the home and other key pages, in order to create a seamless, more delightful experience for the site visitors.

Important things we kept in mind:

  1. Not to over-complicate the flow.
  2. Keep changes minimal, flexible and efficient.
  3. Maintain branding consistency throughout the redesign.

πŸ” Research

We decided to start the research phase by analyzing the Crowd Farming website in order to learn more about their core values, brand identity and the aesthetic direction they wanted to head towards.

We found out that their 3 pillars are:

  1. Connecting the consumers with farmers
  2. Shortening the food supply chain
  3. Supporting the community