What do we do?

[CroCoder Jobs](https://jobs.crocoder.dev?rel="crocoder) is a website that shows interesting remote software-related jobs in a single place.

We set up our system to retrieve information about job posts published on various websites and web applications. That information is then stored inside our system so it can be presented to the user on our website. We make sure the jobs we post are remote-friendly and are somehow related to software development. In practice, this means it's either posted by a software development company or it's about a software development position.

If you would like to manually upload your job advertisement to be visible on our site, you are more than welcome to do so - free of charge!

<aside> 🚩 Note: In case your job post is published on some of the sites from which we already retrieve jobs (but you do not see it on our site and would like to), please send us an email at hello@crocoder.dev. We'll try and reply as soon as possible to help you out.


This guide will lead you through the process of creating a job post inside our system. As it does require some knowledge of code, we think it's best to ask help from a developer.

If you do not have anyone to help you, you can mail us at hello@crocoder.dev. We'll try and reply as soon as possible.

Posting a Job

In order to post a job on our site, you need to:

  1. Fork our GitHub repository and clone it
  2. Create a branch named job-post/<company-name>-<job-title>
  3. Create a .md file containing the job title and company name inside the packages/jobboard/website/content/jobs folder
  4. Use our Job Post Template for filling the info of your job post
  5. Push the branch and code (with a meaningful commit message)
  6. Open a PR and wait for approval 😊

Forking CroCoder GitHub Repository