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November 15, 2022

We've been working very hard since the last release to develop a brand new feature that was HIGHLY requested by our customers...


We are launching today the first part of this important feature: The "Outreach" insights. It’s already available in your account, visit the Analytics tab in your sidebar now!

1 (1).png

An update of the last release including:


October 10, 2022, Diadème-2 💎

We've been working hard in September to provide new features and upgrade your experience on Crew! Let's see what we've been up to 🧑‍🚀

New on the app****: the talent profile 2.0 ⚡****

  1. A brand new design of the talent profile: a slick interface fitting better your needs with the action bar on top, allowing you to take actions faster
  2. A new timeline for events: much clearer and visible, you can now navigate easily among tabs which display emails, comments, reminders and interview notes
  3. A new custom list “Favorite talents” displayed in the sidebar, which allow you to add talents in it thanks to the star in the action bar
  4. Now react with emojis on comments!