Who I am

Ernesto Mandowsky, founder of CPD Advisors and author of NewBee serves **tech founders, creative entrepreneurs and business owners by creating the structure to harvest the honey they are cultivating with their companies. Working for over a decade in roles across Operations, Finance, and Technology in the world of restaurants, startups and Fortune 500 companies, Ernesto has developed a deep understanding of organizational structure of various sizes.

As the founder of CPD Advisors, Ernesto helps clients create execution frameworks through alignment of Mission, Vision, Goals and Action. With a dense background in technology consulting, he guides clients through the Strategy and Implementation of OKR, ERP and CRM systems to support internal collaboration and alignment towards achieving company goals.

Prior to CPD Advisors, Ernesto worked as the Director of Strategy for The Palm, leading the transformation of the 90+ year old family-owned steakhouse. He began his career as a Technology Consultant with Deloitte Consulting and continued as the Chief of Staff for a Multi-Unit Restaurant Group and a Point of Sale startup.

Ernesto is located in Miami, FL and enjoys jumping rope, baking challah bread, and reading books.


What I Believe

My mission is to empower organizations to share their honey with the world.

What I Do

I help organizations transform their Chaos into Creation. Drawing from my background in Operations, Technology, and Organizational Design, I analyze how people, process and technology are integrated to support the growth of an organization.

Organizational Strategy

Operational Analysis

Technology Implementation

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My Super Power

My super power is my ability to break down business problems into digestible components across people, processes and technology. I educate clients on how to use technology to monitor their growing businesses.I teach young executives and founders how their visions can be realized through setting up goals, dividing them into projects, automating business processes and delegating action items to their teams. While most companies tend to use Google Docs, I strive to create a seamless experience of consolidating information using Notion (the tool this page is built on) and other tools should the need arise.

A Few Thoughts on Systems Integration

Integrating systems can accelerate how work gets done, save companies money, and simplify our lives. Notion is one of the simplest tools that can simultaneously achieve these three goals. It has been described as an all-in-one workspace that centralizes the core functions of startups. It combines the core capabilities from popular tools: