This information hub is for troop leaders attending Camp Baldwin to plan a great week at camp. Check back often for updates!


<aside> πŸ“’ Reservations are open. For pricing and to place your reservation, please see the Camp Reservations page of the council website


Tracking Advancement

Advancement is one of many goals of camp.

β€˜Grid Sheets’ are the record sheets that are used to record individual Scouts’ progress in their classes.

These are posted in the Program Center building every day - and then posted at this site after camp ends in case details are missed while at camp.

Grid Sheets will begin to appear as the season progresses, about 2-3 weeks after each session closes so that we have time to scan and upload them.

Week 1 Grid Sheets 2023.pdf

Week 2 Grid Sheets 2023.pdf

Week 3 Grid Sheets 2023.pdf,-121.4205131,2296m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x54be073f14c5c775:0x8188aef45d54c76a!8m2!3d45.40673!4d-121.427822

<aside> πŸ’‘ Protecting Our Youth Current BSA Youth Protection Training is strongly recommended for all adults attending camp. It is required for at least two of your adult leaders at camp, and for anyone staying longer than 72 hours. Knowing and using these basic practices keeps our Scouts safe and places barriers for those with ill intent.


Pre-Camp Leader Meetings

May 31 and Every Sunday through the summer we will have virtual leader meetings to help you prepare for camp.

Summer Webinar Series

Arrival at Camp

Groups will be scheduled for an arrival time to prevent large groups from forming in parking lots.

Campsite and Arrival Time Assignments

Visitors & Adult Leader Changes


Click below for details about the Programs offered and schedules

Weekly Schedule

Merit Badge/Activity Schedule

Baldwin Outbound Trips

Partials Report

Additional Program Costs

Merit Badge Signups?

There is no class sign-up before camp, with one exception* - Scouts simply head to the class they want at the time they want, and we sort out how to meet the needs of each class.

*Climbing has a lottery for participation. On arrival day, Scouts will be able to sign up for the lottery and talk to the merit badge counselor. Participants are announced on a list on the Program Center deck that evening.

Outbound participants must be 13 years old or older.

Climbing merit badge participants must be 14 years old or older and the lottery will select 12 Scouts.

Cooking merit badge lottery will select 20 Scouts.


Campsite FAQs


Campsite Dining Plan


Food FAQs


Camp Baldwin is currently CLOSED by the US Forest Service to wood campfires.

This may change at any moment so make sure to be prepared. Propane stoves and propane fire pits are allowed.

<aside> πŸ’‘ Now Hiring Camp Staff for 2024! Several camps are looking for a few more great role models to serve as camp staff members! Leaders, please recommend to your Scouts that serving on camp staff is a great way to help others, and gives great work experience. More info here.


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Other FAQs

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Special Needs

Health & Medicals


Contact Volunteer Services or the Camping Team for questions related to your reservation, fees, refunds, membership, youth protection training, etc.:


For questions related to program and camp operation. Contact the Camp Director**:**

PLEASE know that your camp director is a seasonal employee and has other responsibilities during the non-summer season. They will not be able to respond rapidly to every inquiry, and many questions during the non-summer months will be forwarded to the year-round camping team. Please start your inquiry with the camping team (see above).