If you use WordPress, then we have a plugin for you!

If you've already installed the plugin, you can resume the installation process here.

If you haven't installed the plugin, please follow the steps below to install it.

1. Find 'CozyCal' on your WordPress dashboard

  1. Click on Plugins on the sidebar and then click on Add New.
  2. Then search for the 'CozyCal' plugin.

If the WordPress Plugin directory is not showing up in your admin dashboard, please follow the instructions on downloading the CozyCal installation file.

2. Install the plugin

  1. Click on Install Now > Activate > Setup plugin
  2. Since a CozyCal account is needed, click on CozyCal account > Sign Up Free to sign up for a free CozyCal account.


3. Copy and Paste CozyCal's snippet code

  1. Once you have created your CozyCal account, log in and go to Settings > Website setup > Install CozyCal


  1. Then you can either select I'll install it myself or **Send instructions to my teammates**depending on your preference.