What does Basefugees do?

Basefugees identifies, lists, curates and supports these tech-enabled solutions & their creators across the world.

It does so by:

1/ providing a safe & curated online space gathering all those who want to / have aspired to / have succeeded in using & building technology to empower displaced humans.

2/ Connecting similar projects together to enable more collaboration and foster scaling up by building partnerships.

3/ Gathering constructive feedback & support from beneficiaries & peers around their projects.

We hope Basefugees can kick-start a new way of working and developing #tech4refugees projects in various entrepreneurial communities.  Projects that start with a discussion about ‘how about we/us’, with narratives of possibility, transparency and improvement so we start building ethical technology for and with displaced people - not solely on behalf of. Not as subjects but equal actors.

What are we looking for?

We are aiming to list most (if not all) technological solutions, tech-enabled and/or pure technological innovations out there, that addresses the needs of displaced humans, that may come from diverse types of organizations (individuals, startups, large corporations, non-profits etc.) and that comply with our guiding principles.

We want to be very intentional - any tech-enabled projects that do work at restoring the dignity and agency of displaced humans, safely has its place on Basefugees. But it is not limited to unicorns and award-winning technologies..

#Tech4refugees solutions Library