Covalent Public Sale Summary

The Covalent public sale is now over. Some key points include:

Distribution of CQT to Public Sale Participants

The distribution of CQT to public sale participants is being handled by CoinList. Covalent will distribute CQT to CoinList in bulk prior to June [3 or 4] and CoinList will distribute CQT as follows:

The CoinList team are planning to distribute CQT tokens to sale participants' CoinList Wallets on or around June [3 or 4].

CoinList will notify participants when ****their tokens have been distributed. After the distribution, participants will then be able to see their locked CQT tokens in their CoinList Wallet.

Deposits and withdrawals for the CQT tokens are expected to be enabled a week or two thereafter. CoinList will notify participants as soon as those functionalities are enabled for their CQT tokens

Please note the following release schedule of tokens which will be finalized prior to the first distribution:

What is the Covalent public sale?

The public sale is an opportunity for community members to buy Covalent Query Token ("CQT") before the token generation event.

The sale is over and took place on CoinList between April 29 - May 6, 2021:

Where can I participate in the public sale?

The public sale is over. The sale took place on CoinList: To access CoinList directly, please use Please be aware of scams. These are the only links in which you should access the sale. Please note: the CQT token sale is not available to citizens and residents of the U.S., Canada, China, and other CoinList unsupported jurisdictions.