In this example, Michelle is the Head of Community at the Startup Founder Club, a 1000-person group of founders who want to support one another on their journey. Michelle wants to bring her members together in a way that is relevant and personalized to drive member engagement and satisfaction.



  1. Michelle tells Covalent she wants to match people who are in a similar Industry, Role, and share common Interests
  2. Michelle already knows everybody's Industry, so Covalent hooks into her existing data source to capture that information
  3. Covalent helps Michelle collect data about Role and Interests through the opt-in flow
  4. Sarah (member) signs up, adding information that is relevant about her (i.e. Role, Interests)
  5. Sarah & Jack (another member) are introduced
  6. Sarah & Jack meet, and they provide feedback about their match

1. Example Email: Opt in to networking program

Community - Networking - Email - Opt in.png

2. Example Email: Member introduction

Community - Networking - Email - Intro.png

3. Example Email: 1-click Feedback

Community - Networking - Email - Feedback.png