"Diamonds are forever, now for everyone too.” — Sanjana Tripuramallu


We are born to disrupt the jewelry industry with new age diamonds that are affordable than ever thanks to technology, and are completely sustainable and ethical while maintaining the highest purity standards.

Its no secret that Indians love jewelry, also not a secret that diamond is considered an absolute desire and luxury for most. With increasing mined diamond prices and supple issues they remain unaffordable to most and to the woke millennials and gen Z their sparkle might be alluring but not the environmental damage they cause. We at cosmos bridge this gap with the perfectly crafted beautiful diamond jewellery that is gentle on their pocket and planet. A grown in India, Lab Grown Cosmos Diamond

Our mission's secret sauce is undoubtedly the team and values the company is built on. We are looking for talented people who would like to join us in this endeavour to bring this new segment of jewelry to Indian consumers hearts.

Open Roles

While these roles are currently open, we do plan to hire across product, engineering, sales & marketing in the near term so feel free to reach out to us.

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