👋 I'm Andrew, and I'm looking for a Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer focused on full-stack web application development to join me and Rachael at CoSell.

Our Product

Here's one way to think of it: imagine if LinkedIn actually worked. What if you could easily find people who genuinely need the product or service you sell, and then get personally introduced via your network of colleagues and partners? That would make it a lot easier to grow most businesses, right? That's the opportunity we're chasing.

CoSell is a new startup on a mission to solve one of the biggest problems sales teams face: getting a chance to talk to good potential customers.

Our Stack

Our back end is Ruby + Rails + Postgres. We're big fans of simple web standards on the front end, and have a fast, server-rendered, web-components enhanced UI.

The Role

We're looking to hire a senior full-stack engineer who can be a technical anchor for our team. This is an early stage role, so this person will be laying the foundation for years to come, helping us to interview and hire a great team, and will have a lot of impact on the direction of our product and company.

An ideal candidate would have several years of experience with Ruby, Javascript, and Postgres, and a strong interest in data modeling with complicated relational data. Experience with Python and Java are also great. Over time we anticipate more and more of our technical problems will be graph-shaped, so experience with graph databases is an added plus.

About Us

We're split between Austin and San Jose. My two cofounders are Brendon, who was the first Head of Sales at LinkedIn, and Pete, who was Head of Enterprise Sales at Trello. We're backed by Tim Connors, at Pivot North capital.

Our long-term plan is to build out product and engineering in Austin with a smaller sales-oriented presence in the Bay Area. For now we're all-remote, and we're open to permanent remote hires if the person is a great fit for our team.

We started full-time in January, we've signed up our 20 customers so far, and we're onboarding new customers every week. Nothing is guaranteed, but we've got a really good shot at being profitable within a year. We don't buy into the rocketship-or-bust mentality: our goal is to build a real, sustainable business that solves a real problem for customers, charge them for it, and make a profit.

Compensation and Benefits

Right now the founding team has all started with salaries of $120k, and we'd prefer to maintain fairly flat and transparent compensation bands over time, however, we can negotiate based on what a candidate needs for their particular situation. Our plan is to give significant salary increases when we hit specific financial goals, which we're on track to hit in the next 12 months.

In addition to salary we're offering generous equity (exact amount depends on experience).

We also offer unlimited PTO, full health coverage for employees and their families, and parental leave.


Please email me: andrew[at]cosell[dot]io. I'd love to chat!