1 billion jobs will be transformed by technology in the next decade, and companies have an urgent need to reskill their employees in the highest demand fields. Individuals have a growing need to reskill throughout their careers as industries, technologies, and models change for nearly every career.

During COVID we saw the acceleration of this need for reskilling as well as the inadequacy of current edtech solutions (i.e. “zoom school”, MOOCs). Most people (~95%) drop out of fully self-paced courses, while fully in-person classes/bootcamps have costs and models that don’t scale. We believe we can break the historic trade-off between outcomes and cost, helping more people learn the critical skills they need to excel in their careers and capture new promising opportunities.

We are building a new social, project-based learning platform. We want to help learners make step function transformations in their careers and help companies continually upskill their workforces to stay competitive and grow. Our courses are taught by experts in the field today, and students learn by doing -- building applications, deploying models, etc -- not watching videos. Students learn together with other professional peers as we know learning is way more fun (and effective!) together.

We're currently building the founding team. You will have a massive impact shaping the experience of the product from the ground up. Help us define the next generation of online education.

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