Looking for the Contra-approved opportunities list? Well, we’ve got something even better! 🤝

Contra Opportunity Feed! 🤑

Say hello to the ✨**Opportunities Feed** ✨ Here you’ll find a curated list of opportunities just for you, making it easier than ever to apply + collaborate with new Clients!

Contra's here to support independents and the freelance community 💛 With the current circumstances and state of the world, we know that a ton of individuals are looking for new opportunities, different ways to work, and searching through a multitude of remote-friendly job boards.

The best part? You don’t even have to leave your Contra profile to do it! 🚀

What defines a Contra Opportunity?

A Contra opportunity is an opportunity that we are proud to have on our own platform. These jobs have been through a vigorous vetting process and are 100% remote. We update the Contra Opportunities feed every day with new positions, so keep your eye out! 👀


Please direct all questions to hello@contra.com 📧

Find the Contra Opportunities Feed here! 💥