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Content Overview

Title X Examples of Stunning Responsive Web Design
Content Focus This post will find strong and stunning examples of responsive web design, explaining to the reader how responsive design in each example is achieved and how it can be replicated.
Word Count 2,000-2,500
Target Intent Informational / Inspiration List
Page Template Article
Target Audience - Be specific - are you targeting CMOs at healthcare insurance
companies on the West Coast? Is the audience you’re targeting beginner
or advanced? Are you targeting multiple audiences? 1 - Web Developers, 2 - New Website Owners
Brand Point of View - When working with writers outside the company it’s helpful to make
sure they understand any brand stance about this subject matter. We want to convey the following: 1) Responsive websites are a must have requirement for your business - you'll probably see 20-80% of your website visitors using a mobile phone depending on the type of company. 2) All of our themes offered are responsive by default, so if you use us for hosting, you're covered.
CTA - What do we want the reader to do after they read this? EG look at products/services, sign up for a demo, watch a video, sign up for newsletter, download a whitepaper or template, etc. 👉 Browse our Free Responsive Templates
Meta Description

🧱 Suggested Outline:

Build your suggested outline for the writer below. Use any Highlighted Competitor Headings as a reference while creating your outline.

H2 - What Is Responsive Design?

H2 - How Are Responsive Websites Coded Differently From Regular Websites?

H2 - XX Great Responsive Web Design Examples

(find 3-4 examples, please include examples built around Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce)

H2 - Responsive Web Design Elements

(please find at least one example in each of the following sections, and show how most sites make these elements responsive)