Content Hub is a brand new home for all of your content. There are three areas that live within Content Hub; Library, Preview Posts, and Discover


Library is where you'll create and store your content. You can use this area to create template posts, begin drafting content away from the Calendar, or you can use this area to create an image library.

Select the 'Add Content' button to create a new post.

Unlike when adding to the Calendar, you can craft and create your content without the pressure of selecting a channel or date.

Once a post has been added to your library, you'll see the option to 'Use Content' on each post. This will allow you to add the post to your Calendar or Pinboard.

<aside> 📢 Adding a post from Content Hub to your Calendar or Pinboard does not remove the post from the Content Hub, it simply creates a copy.


To edit your post, select the dropdown beside the '+ Use content' button.