A low-cost, RC/App-controlled and autonomous tool carrier for rough terrain with application in organic and regenerative smallholder agriculture.

Users: Smallholders with <5Ha of Land.

Environments: Designed for use on Mountainous Terrain but equally capable of working on level terrain and in paddy fields.

Power Options; The Quadriga uses biogas as a fuel. When biogas is unavailable, Quadrigas tri fuel capability allows for the use of propane or unleaded petrol. A fully solar powered version will at a latter stage will be made available.

Operational modes: The Quadriga can be used in three operation modes


Implements that facilitate the following operations are available.

  1. Brush clearing
  2. Spading for non-inversion primary tillage
  3. Seed drilling - zero till
  4. Seed drilling - conventional
  5. Cover crop rolling
  6. Seedling transplanting
  7. Spraying -with organics and biotic stimulants
  8. Leaf crop harvesting
  9. Herb and flower harvesting