We're on a mission to make collaboration joyful & productive 🚀

If you love

🏎️ Moving fast & working smart

💚 Independent & proactive thinking

🤝 Productivity & collaboration

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Who we are

We are a remote-first team of passionate individuals committed to improving the way teams collaborate.

We believe that for Compose to be a truly productive, joyful & inclusive experience, we need to be a truly productive, joyful and diverse team - join us on this journey!

Our values

<aside> ⚖️ Our values are what brings us together - if these resonate with you, we think you'll be a great fit at Compose!




Our culture, diversity & inclusion

Our culture is derived from the values that we hold dear.

One important value that shapes how we build our team is that people ALWAYS come first.

We want to build a diverse & inclusive team because we believe that that is the key to innovation and creativity. We want to steer away from group think and build something for everyone. That's why we hire the best people regardless of religion, race or sexuality.

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