Note from Alona: “Hey guys, I saw Anastasiya Shevchenko raising funds for her friend Max today - they need to buy him a night vision device. Ukrainians are very shy about asking for help and so she didn't ask me to share this info even though I’ve known her for a very long time & can vouch for her being trustworthy. I’ll be extremely grateful for any help - including sharing this page with your friends.”

Ukraine DAO is grateful to Toomas Ilves, former President of Estonia, for the support with completing this fundraiser.

Anastasiya’s Insta Post:


“Boys and girls!

Meet my friend Max - @xpivkoiribkax, the funniest guy in the world, a soldier of the Estonian army, currently a volunteer soldier in Ukraine.

Now we are fundraising for a night vision device for him. We will be forever grateful for your help with donations and reposts. The link to the donation page is in the bio. Remember that every hryvnia counts.

Together to the victory! 🇺🇦”

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