Commit's Engineering Partner program pays selected entrepreneurial engineers to explore roles at startups that are working on the most interesting, ambitious problems, all while skipping the traditional tech interview process.

Our operating principle is "Do What's Right for the Engineer".

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Our Story

Commit is built by Engineers, for Engineers.*9ANY17sCCJGO4dY1MqGuOA.png

👋 I'm Beier, CTO, and co-founder at Commit.

I’ve been a software engineer for 15 years. I’ve spent my career working at startups - I was the first engineer at Hootsuite and scaled that team to over 1000 engineers.

As my job shifted to management, I learned that I'm really passionate about helping engineers learn and grow.

I built Commit to fix the career gap that I faced as a Startup Engineer.

💻 What to expect from our selection process

Step 1: Meet our Engineer Concierge

This 20-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is a chance for you to meet one of our engineers, learn more about the program and ask any questions that you have. We'll be talking about your motivations for applying to the program, the values you hold as a software engineer, and the team dynamics that you like to work within.

<aside> 💻 If you're interested in joining the program, please apply on our website!


Step 2: Tech Assessment

This 60-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is led by a member of our staff engineering team. This conversation is premised on inquiry-based questions about actual projects you've worked on and includes a system design component.

We believe that it’s relatively easy to gauge an Engineer’s level of understanding about a language or framework by having them explain it. The bonus is that this approach gets candidates who might be nervous and introverted to open up by talking proudly about code they’ve written, projects they’ve contributed to, and issues they’ve resolved. This call may not take the full 90 minutes, especially if you are primarily a FE or BE expert.

Step 3: Meet our CEO

This 30-minute conversation, conducted over Zoom, is a chance for you to speak with our founders, and ask them all the questions you have about joining Commit and working with a startup (or a few!)

<aside> ❓ If you have questions about the process that haven't been answered here, please email It's important to us that you come into every conversation feeling prepared and at ease.


Life at Commit

Commit is a community of mission-driven engineers who partner together and pool their talents, interests, and experiences to work on passion projects, explore and work with new startups, learn from one another, and grow their skill sets (without sacrificing financial stability).