The web is a huge endless pool of information, and we, as individual people, struggle to manage our relationship to it.

Hoarding tabs could be an indicator of busy lives constantly bombarded by information; an indicator that there is more incoming data than we have time to handle; an indicator that we do not want forget something or lose a particular piece of information.

Could there not be a better way of solving for information overload? Can there not be an alternate framework that allow us to better access what we need when we need it?

Enter KnowledgeOS.

Comake helps you organize the work you're doing, as you're doing it so that you can close things safely, declutter your mind, and work in peace.

For example: KnowledgeOS keeps a running record of all of your recently open windows and tabs so that you always get back to what you need when you need it. This GIF shows how you can easily access your recently open browser windows to continue exactly where you left off.

Freely close browser windows whenever you want knowing you can always get back to them!

Privacy is a core priority. All your browsing history and all your tabs history remain stored only on your device (unless if you upgrade to use Comake's cloud-syncing services).

Beyond helping you keep track of your tabs, KnowledgeOS automatically organizes your files, messages, tasks, contacts, and more as you access them online, helping you passively build Knowledge while browsing.

Save the things that matter to you in a flash and get back to it later with ease.