Yes! With Column, you can set up an organization for your government, law firm, or business — this way, multiple members of your organization can submit and pay for notices.

If you are registering with Column for the first time...

  1. When you begin your registration process for Column, you will see a menu to select your Role. Be sure to select the most appropriate category — if your organization is neither a government agency or law firm, Other would be the most appropriate category for you!

  2. You will be prompted to fill out information about your organization. Once complete, click Create Account.

  3. Your account is now set up as an organization. To add additional members, go to My Organization settings.

  4. Select the Members tab. Then, click Invite Additional.

  5. Here, you can invite additional members by email. You can also set one of the following roles for each user:

    When in doubt, we recommend selecting Admin.

  6. Each person you invite will receive an email with the subject line "You're Invited to Column!"

If you already have a Column account...

If you already have an account on Column and would like to join an existing organization, or create an organization, please reach out to us at for account configuration support.