Rollups are the future of blockchain computers and are one of the most interesting advancements in web3 infrastructure.

I’m listing here the best articles, tweetstorms, and talks about Rollups - most are aimed at the not-that-technical crypto enthusiast (If something is really technical I mark it with 👨🏻‍🎓 )

If you find something great that I missed, please tweet me: @_idan_levin


Vitalik Buterin - An Incomplete Guide to Rollups

Ethereum Foundation - LAYER 2 ROLLUPS

Starkware - Fractal Scaling: From L2 to L3

Polynya - Why rollups + data shards are the only sustainable solution for high scalability

Polynya - Addressing common rollup misconceptions

Fraud Proofs: How Validators Keep Arbitrum Honest

Optimistic Rollups vs ZK Rollups:

Polynya - How rollup fees work

Polygon - Introducing Plonky2

Starkware Knowledge Hub

Vitalik Buterin - A step-by-step roadmap for scaling rollups with calldata expansion and sharding

Polynya: Volitions: best of all worlds